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A college roommate agreement is a document that states all of the expectations and rules laid out by all of the roommates living together in one space. This type of agreement has the basic function of protecting roommates from disturbing the rights of other roommates. This document also serves as a set of regulations and responsibilities for the house or dorm room that the roommates share.The content of this agreement should primarily concern the various aspects of everyday college life. There are general things that should be mentioned such as study time, private/alone time, daily schedules, visitors, and the noise limit within the living space. Other aspects that should be covered include the borrowing of property, the replacing of property in the event of damage, and the equal sharing of property. Another necessity for the college roommate agreement format is to cover the purchases of food, beverages, and household items.This college roommate agreement sample focuses on two college grad students who have rented a house off campus. One roommate is a female and the other roommate is a male. For this example, both students will have early morning classes and only one of the roommates is in a relationship with someone who is not residing in the home.

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