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Internal Service Level Agreement
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Service level agreements are a type of contract which formally defines the service a company will provide to its customers. It serves to ensure that there is mutual understanding of services, warranties, and responsibilities and helps customers to know just what they can expect from the company. An internal service level agreement accomplishes these purposes for employees of the same company. This can facilitate good inter-office relations by ensuring that each department in a company knows what its responsibilities are.This is a type of document that can be either short and succinct or heavily involved, depending on the size of the company and the services being performed. A good internal service level agreement format is made up of sections which address definitions of service, performance, obligations, and management. It should be clear about the expectations being made of the department. It also must have a designated area to be signed and dated by both the company head and the department head.This internal service level agreement sample is for a company and its technical support department. It clearly outlines the service department's roles and responsibilities as they relate to the smooth running of the company as a whole, listing its offerings and scheduling. It is approved and signed by the appropriate managers.

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