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Stock Sale Agreement
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A stock sale agreement is a document that states the sale of stocks from a company to an investor. This type of sales agreement stipulates the cost of the stocks, the closing price, and the conditions of closing. The agreement should not state what is expected of the company or the investor after the purchase of the stock. Those conditions should be held in a separate agreement or document between the investor and the company.A stock sale agreement format should cover all of the particular details of selling and purchasing a stock from a company. The content should focus primarily on the price of each individual stock, the closing price of that stock, and the stipulations associated with closing a stock. It is also necessary for the document to state the unknown nature of investing - basically that stocks in any company are an investment that involves risks and losses. This stock sale agreement states the opening costs of the stock, as well as the cost of multiple shares. The sample also details the closing price of the stock and the company's expectations regarding the closing of that stock.

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