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Annual Self Assessment
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The purpose of an annual self assessment is to help employers take steps to make sure their employees are happy and working at peak proficiency. Employers use the results to help decide if they should keep the current group of employees or if it is time to start hiring some new people and let the old ones go. The self assessment usually makes up one aspect of the employee's yearly review. The assessment can cover several different aspects of the job. The annual self assessment format that works best for businesses is the question and answer format. Managers should ensure that each question pertains directly to the employee's job. For example, questions that apply to someone in human resources will not be suitable for one of the company's accountants. Employees should be aware of the importance of answering each question honestly. Managers should warn their employees that the self assessment makes up just one aspect of the evaluation process so that the results are not overly skewed in favor of the employee. This annual self assessment sample questionnaire was used by a restaurant owner to help them evaluate the progress of their kitchen staff. With just a few minor adjustments, the questions can be altered to fit any job. Managers will want to instruct their employees on the importance of honesty. After the self assessment has been turned in, the manager will be able to start the next phase of the yearly employee evaluation.

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