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Even though the students might be willing, sometimes their bodies simply can't do everything they would like. The trick to dealing with students with physical disabilities is pushing them up to, but not past, their limitations. The best way to make sure a child doesn't get held back due to a physical disability will be an assistive technology assessment. The test will show exactly how much special assistance the student requires. During an assistive technology test, several of the people in the student's life will be present. The event generally unites parents, teachers, doctors, and tutors. While the testing will be quite extensive, the results can be simplified in a single assistive technology assessment format. The results will need to stay with the student for the rest of his or her educational career. Since their physical limitations constantly change, most students need to be retested every two or three years. This assistive technology assessment sample is a questionnaire style. None of the questions should be answered without the input of the people involved in the student's life. It's extremely important that the student has a voice during this assessment process. The students should be urged to express all of their educational goals, and they need to be comfortable with the decisions that are made about the assistive technology tools they will use to help further their education.

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