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Students who have trouble maintaining a good attendance record in school may be asked to sign an attendance contract. This is a contract that outlines an agreement in which the student will attend class every day or face a defined set of consequences. The contract serves as a way of making sure the student takes responsibility for any absences and also notifies parents of the situation. This contract is not typically given out to every student and is meant as a last resort for somebody who has had attendance issues. The attendance contract spells out the troubles that the student has faced, lays out attendance requirements for the student, and then details the penalties faced for failing to meet these attendance requirements. The signature of a parent or guardian is usually required to make sure that the people responsible for raising the child are notified of the situation and the possible repercussions. The sample form below represents an attendance contract that is similar to what many schools use. The form is brought out if the student has five or more unexcused absences. Absence because of illness or parentally excused absence is allowed as the goal of this form is to avoid truancy and irresponsibility and not to punish students who get severely ill or have other major issues.

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