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When an organization is in need of an audit, it often sends out letters requesting a proposal to a variety of companies. In response, a company sends an audit proposal. This document details the services involved during the audit, along with a quote estimate for services rendered. Most audits are financial, but there are some companies that like to have regular audits of other aspects of the business, like project or quality management or energy consumption. With the audit proposal, you are persuading a company to use you to perform their audit. It should include a detailed overview of how you plan to carry out the audit, including all services you will perform. It will also include a breakdown of any fees involved in the audit process. You should ensure to show that you have expert knowledge to properly handle the audit, including any specialized aspects of the industry in which the company lies, and that you will perform it better than any other company. A non-profit wildlife organization needed to have their annual audit of their finances performed and had to find a new accounting firm to manage it for them. After receiving their request for proposal letter, an auditor at Madison Financial sent this audit proposal to secure their services.

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