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Schools use a basic skills assessment to help evaluate how well a student is performing academically. In addition to identifying the student's academic weaknesses, the test should also highlight student strengths. Although most students get assessed individually, some teachers favor doing a group assessment. The more frequently the student gets tested, the better the chances that he or she will be able to keep up with his or her class. Assessing a student's basic skills and comprehension can be an elaborate process. What most teachers ultimately do is test the various skills throughout the year and then compile a single basic skills assessment format that goes into the student's permanent record. In addition to helping the teacher gauge how well the student understands the basic subjects, the assessment helps the school predict how well the student body will score on standardized tests. This sample basic skills assessment would be used at the end of the testing period. It includes all of the subject matters that a high school student should know. A guidance counselor would use the information on this form to determine what type of classes the student should be enrolled in the following year. Actual test results would be recorded in the score section. If the scores were very low, extra tutoring or even summer school might be suggested.

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