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A business demographic questionnaire is typically used by a business to determine information about its customers or potential customers. Basic demographic questions measure things like a customer’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, education, income level and marital status. Businesses usually provide questionnaires to customers when determining a new product or service to offer to the public. Based on questionnaire responses, management may tweak a product or service to meet the needs of the customer base. A business demographic questionnaire format should begin with the simplest questions such as age, gender, race, level of education and similar items. The questionnaire should be easy to read, comprehend and answer. Under each category the customer can be offered choices with boxes or lines in front where they can place an “X” or a check mark. The questionnaire should be designed by the department responsible for the development of new products and services. This sample business demographic questionnaire is designed by a retail store that sells gourmet cooking appliances, utensils, dishes, table linens and related items. The company is considering expanding its online offerings and is using the questionnaire to measure customers’ interest in using their computers to order merchandise for home delivery.

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