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Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
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A business impact analysis questionnaire is used to create your business continuity plan. Business continuity planning helps you see the internal and external threats to your business in order to create an effective strategy to prevent them and recover if you were to find yourselves in the midst of such threats, like a natural disaster or a crime. The questionnaire looks at the whole scope of your business in order to decide what functions and activities are critical and non-critical in your company, the acceptable amount of data lost, and the time needed to restore the various functions. The business impact analysis questionnaire format begins with an overview of your company and the various divisions or units within your company. It then will go through a list of key business processes. You also will want to include a list of the qualitative and quantitative impact estimates for these various processes. Finally, the questionnaire should include the various requirements, interdependencies, and any other vital information about your company and business. You should also include any applicable staff members, facilities, computers or other office equipment and supplies as well as any other vital aspects of each of the key processes. A to Z Manufacturing, a company that specializes in creating small parts for computers and other technological systems, has created this business impact analysis questionnaire. The questionnaire is given to each department manager in order to aid in discovering the key components of the various departments and the company as a whole in case of an emergency situation, such as a fire in the building.

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