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A business requirements questionnaire can be designed and used by various businesses in a wide range of scenarios. The main objective is to determine whether or not a company seeking a contract with the business meets the necessary requirements to handle the job or project specified in the contract. The business which is providing the questionnaire can include questions from all departments that will be impacted by the company that is awarded the contract. The business requirements questionnaire format should have questions organized in a logical progression. It should include contact information for someone at the business who can answer questions pertaining to the questionnaire. The business may request that other information such as proof of insurance, fidelity bond, disaster recovery plan or other relevant documents be attached to the questionnaire. As many questions as are necessary to determine a company’s capabilities can be included on the questionnaire. This sample business requirements questionnaire is from a healthcare center that is selecting an outsource company to perform billing. The questionnaire is for a billing service seeking a contract with the healthcare center. Upon submission of the questionnaire, healthcare center management will determine if the billing service meets the requirements.

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