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Candidate Fitness Assessment
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Work application processes vary by position, business and industry and are usually based off of each position's specific job requirements. For physically strenuous professions, it may be necessary to administer a candidate fitness assessment. This is especially true in all branches of the military, where the nature of the work makes physical fitness is a top priority. Packed with examinations that help to measure fitness in different areas, the assessment is alterable based on the qualities for which an employer is seeking. Fitness can be a deal breaker when it comes to certain jobs in fields such as law enforcement, firefighting, professional sports and the military. Because of the impact it could have, it is important to properly determine fitness levels by following the right fitness assessment format. It begins by listing the candidate's name and the date of assessment and then gets into the tests which usually consist of measurements and agility, strength, power and endurance workouts. Finally, it ends with the signatures (and dates) of both the candidate and assessor along with any other possible notes. With the following candidate fitness assessment, the US Army, Navy and Air Force test their new candidates for admission. This sample consists of six physical examinations (the basketball throw, cadence pull-ups or flexed arm hang, the shuttle run, abdominal crunches, Push-ups and the one mile run), selected and sequenced to measure muscular and Cardio-respiratory strength, agility, speed, balance and endurance. They are all set with specific start and end times over one constant period, so the clock is running continuously throughout the entire test.

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