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A car lease proposal is composed for the purpose of detailing the terms and conditions under which one company shall lease a car to another company. The proposal addresses topics like ownership of the car, responsibility for repairs and inspections and maintenance of licenses and insurance. The document is written by the leasing company and can be changed by the company that is leasing the car if both parties mutually agree upon the changes. The car lease proposal format should include the start and termination date of the lease, the monthly fee for leasing the car and the date that the fee is due. Typically the company that is leasing the car is responsible for all maintenance and repairs and the specific terms should be detailed in the lease proposal. The agreement should also specify that the company leasing the car cannot sell the car to another party. This sample car lease proposal is written by a company that leases vehicles. Cars owned by the company can be leased to businesses that provide company cars for sales, delivery and management staff or the cars can be leased to individuals who prefer to lease rather than purchase a car:

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