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Graduating college students and individuals who have decided they need to make significant changes in their professional lives will benefit from a career self assessment. The assessment makes it possible for people to remove their emotions from job searches and to focus on what type of work environment will be the most suitable. Individuals who take their time to think about each question and answer honestly are often surprised by the results. Some people have done an assessment and discovered that what looked like a good job possibility would not have been suitable. The career self assessment format is questionnaire style. The purpose of the assessment form is to force the individual to do some soul searching. Answers will be recorded next to the questions. While filling out the form, the person needs to carefully consider personal ambitions, skills, personality, and how they relate to co-workers. The more honest individuals are while answering the questions, the easier it will be to decide between two job possibilities. Employers can use the same form to decide if an applicant will be a good fit for their company. This career self assessment sample provides questions that career experts urge individuals to ask themselves before applying for long-term jobs. After answering each question, the person will have a better idea about the type of career and work environment that will make he or she the happiest. Knowing the answers to each question reduces the odds of an unsuitable job offer being accepted.

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