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Class reunions allow you to reunite with your peers, catch up with them, make new friendships and rekindle old ones. A class reunion questionnaire is a great way for the planners to gather all of the information they would like to provide to the attendees. This questionnaire can also be used to help in determining what the attendees expect from the event. In order to effectively plan a class reunion, you will need some information from everyone who plans to attend. Some of the information that you should ask for in your class reunion questionnaire format includes their marital status, information about their families, their jobs, additional education they have received, their current place of residency and more. A field for any additional information that the individual would like to share with the rest of the class can also be included. Finally, it is important to include a few questions to determine the activities and entertainment that the attendees would appreciate most. For the ten-year reunion of Arcadia High School, the planners used this class reunion questionnaire. They took the biographical information to create a booklet that each attendee received upon their arrival; this booklet provided basic information about each of their classmates. Additionally, the questionnaire provided a way for the planners to discover the type of activities, food and more that would ensure success for the event.

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