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A client feedback survey could be carried out to help gauge customer satisfaction. It could be given to all customers of a particular business or to a sample of clients that are chosen at random. It could discuss new products and services or simply a company’s customer service abilities in general. This survey could be sent via email or regular mail, or might also be given to clients in person. This content of a client feedback survey will focus on questions that would help a particular company determine what things they are doing well and what things they may need to improve on some. It should contain just enough questions so that management will be able to tell how well their company is doing when it comes to customer satisfaction. Even so, the client feedback survey should not be too lengthy as this could alienate people and make them less willing to fill out the form. Takers should have the ability to remain anonymous if they wish; however, the form should provide a way for individuals to provide contact information if they would like to in order to discuss some of the answers they have given. This client feedback survey is given by the office manager of a new dental practice known as City Dental Clinic. It is given to each patient who visits the clinic within a month in an effort to determine whether or not the clinic is meeting his or her expectations. There is a drop box in the lobby of the clinic for clients to place the survey in once it has been completed.

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