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No matter how large or small a company or organization might be, without a good strategy for handling communication, it will fail to connect to its target audience. A communication skills assessment allows the company to examine its current formal communications strategy and identify any weaknesses. Companies should not wait for problems to prompt a study of their communication systems. The assessment should be done at least once a year and be very detailed. The communication skills assessment format that works best for most companies and organizations is the questionnaire style. The questionnaire should be filled out by all of the department heads. The questions should address the company's communication strengths and weaknesses, as well as both short and long term goals. It's important to make sure a target market has been identified and the best way to connect to the members of the target market is discussed. A good assessment serves as a road map, helping the company develop an effective internal and external communication strategy. The communication skills assessment sample proves that getting information from employees about the current system for communicating does not have to be complicated. Just a few questions can generate a great deal of feedback. After the questionnaire has been submitted, groups will need to sit down and explore what can be done to improve both external and internal communication. Don't make the mistake of focusing on external communication while hoping the internal problems resolve themselves.

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