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Most jobs require that the employees have at least basic computer skills. A computer skills assessment test makes it possible for employers to quickly decide if their employees or potential employees are able to work competently on the computer or if additional training will be needed. The first time the employee takes the assessment should be during the initial interview process. If the applicant lacks the basic skills needed to complete the test, the employer can then move onto the next application. The best way to gauge an employee or future employee's computer skills is to place the applicant in front of a computer and asking him or her to complete certain tasks while the manager records the results on a checklist style computer skills assessment format. When testing a job applicant, the individual conducting the test needs to remember that the individual being tested is likely to be unfamiliar with the equipment being used. Instead of testing their working knowledge of the machine and programs, the tester will instead be looking for adaptability and basic knowledge. This computer skills assessment sample was taken from a test that was used to gauge if a job applicant had the basic skills needed to work in a healthcare office. The individual conducting the test asked the applicant to complete specific tasks and made a notation if the act was completed properly. The comment section made it easy for the human resource department to rate the results.

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