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A construction contract is a highly detailed agreement between a builder and the client. The contract is usually accompanied by technical plans or blueprints. A formal contract clarifies the responsibilities and expectations of both parties and increases the likelihood the project will be completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the client. Along with basic contact information, the construction contract format should include detailed project plans, a breakdown of the costs, total project costs, project start and projected completion dates, a list of materials used, the legal and financial obligations of the Builder, the financial obligations of the Client, and the hours the Builder is allowed to work. The contract should include a provision for state and local legal requirements as well as how delays will be handled. This sample is best suited for a residential or smaller commercial building project. It contains basic elements and provisions and a clause that specifies the amount of insurance the Builder is expected to purchase for the project. The contact contains financial clauses that protect the client from delays in project completion and the builder from a delay in client payment.

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