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Customer Experience Survey
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A customer experience survey is used to gauge the level of satisfaction people have after using service or buying a product. It usually includes specific questions that are related to the experience at hand. As such, individuals will likely need to provide short answers to questions, and will need plenty of space in which to write them. There should also be a place for customers to provide specific feedback as to what they liked best about a particular experience as well as what they liked least about it so that changes to procedure can be made if needed. This customer experience survey example is by Worldwide Communications Corp., a provider of Internet service for residential use. Customers who are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Internet often call their customer service hotline for assistance, and the company would like to know whether this experience is pleasant, or one that many people find frustrating. The survey is being sent by email to callers of the company’s toll-free number so that they can fill it out electronically.

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