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Customer Experience Survey
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A customer feedback survey is a useful tool for any business, in any industry. The purpose of such a survey is to discover how satisfied customers are with a business’s goods or services. It can be used to pinpoint areas requiring improvement as well as which strategies are currently working for the business. Questions should specifically highlight areas in which the company hopes to better itself as well as include open areas for customer ideas and suggestions for the future. The customer feedback survey is best organized as a logical, user-friendly form. A contact phone number or email address should be included on the form to guarantee customer access to someone with more information about the survey. Some questions may be unclear to customers. Businesses should ensure that they are able to fully answer each question by obtaining any clarification or assistance needed. The survey may contain as many questions as the business prefers to gain as much insight as possible. This sample survey comes from a lawn care company that is attempting to gauge its customer service and overall customer satisfaction regarding its accessibility. Customers are asked to list specific accessibility details that pertain to their most recent experiences and to offer their questions, comments and suggestions for superior customer service in the future.

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