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Customer Service Self Assessment
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During business hours, every single employee who comes into contact with the general population needs to have exemplary behavior as well as know as much as possible about the company and the products or services provided. Employees who cannot deliver top notch service and keep customers happy will have to be let go or be placed in a new position where contact with customers will be minimal. A customer service self assessment makes both employees and their managers aware of such weaknesses. The simplest and quickest way for employees to evaluate their customer service skills has always been using a checklist style customer service self assessment format. The checklist should include a variety of issues that come up when dealing with customers. After the checklist has been completed, the employer and employee should meet and discuss what can be done to improve the employee's approach to customer service. If employers notice several of their employees marking having similar issues, the employers can assume that the entire staff needs some additional training. This customer service self assessment sample has skills that pertain to customer service and a place where the employees can mark whether they have a strong understanding of that skill or whether it is something they need to improve. A comment section makes it possible for employees to create a dialogue with their employer. The customer service assessment can be administered as frequently as employers feel necessary.

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