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Developmental reading assessments have been designed to test the reading proficiency of students in kindergarten through third grade. In addition to testing a student’s comprehension of the reading material, the assessment allows teachers to judge how much the student engages with the reading material. After the student completes the assessment, teachers use the results to determine whether he or she is in danger of falling behind. The best developmental reading assessment format is a checklist style. The teacher records lines of text which the student reads out loud. While the teacher listens, he or she makes notations whether or not the student struggled with a word or concept. A comment section makes it possible for the teacher to keep notes about the student's problem solving skills, including his or her ability to sound out words and take cues from pictures and surrounding text. Some teachers use a number system that lets them compare their students. This is a developmental reading assessment sample that a public school teacher used to score one of her students. The teacher selected a book that was written for the child's reading level and that they hadn't read before. This teacher preferred to use check marks to note what tools the child used to problem solve. The score sheet remains in the student's permanent records. Future teachers will use the assessment to help track the student's progress as he or she continues to learn different reading concepts.

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