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Diagnostic Reading Assessment
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Students in all grades can be given a diagnostic reading assessment to test their fluency in the five different areas of reading. The results help teachers determine if the student needs additional assistance in a particular area. Most teachers choose to perform an assessment twice a year, but it can be done more frequently if there is concern that a student has started to struggle. Schools sometimes use students' collective assessment scores to rate a teacher's competency. The diagnostic reading assessment format that teachers, tutors and parents find the easiest to work with has always been the checklist style. This style of assessment scorecard can be used for all grade levels. Questions used for the assessment should be written on the score sheet. Teachers can leave notes, observations and concerns in the comment section. As a student gets older, teachers add writing samples to the diagnostic assessment. This diagnostic reading assessment sample was used to evaluate the reading and writing skills of an 8th grade student. Questions can be altered to fit any student's level of education. Teachers should mark yes if they feel the student shows a strong understanding of a critical skill and no if the student fails to perform adequately and needs additional tutoring. Any writing samples used to assess critical writing skills should be saved in the student's official school file.

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