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Whether for a wedding, party, or other major event, a skilled DJ can make any occasion a memorable one. A DJ contract is used to make sure that a DJ who has been hired for an event will receive the proper level of compensation and stay at the event during the agreed upon hours. This contract explains the full scope of the event and defines the DJ's duties, ensuring that everybody knows what to expect going into a major event. The DJ contract should specify the total number of hours that the DJ is expected to attend the event for and the payment rate that the DJ can expect. It requires a description of any specific setup needs that the entertainer should know about. If the customer has any specific song requests, that should be specified as well within the terms of the contract. This DJ contract sample outlines all the essentials of the event and includes a section for the agreed upon logistics and fees from both parties. Most professional DJs make this contract or something similar the standard form by which they operate.

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