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Due Diligence Questionnaire
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A due diligence questionnaire is used for investors or potential buyers to see if a company is in good standing for receiving funding. A prospective buyer or investor needs to know all the necessary facts about the financial situation and marketability of a company prior to acquiring or investing. It is essential to carry out a full enquiry before investing time and money on an acquisition to make sure that the information provided by a potential seller is valid and correct. The due diligence questionnaire format should have a list of questions in a logical progression. The content should include questions regarding financial information like balance sheets, cash flow statements, tax issues, projected earnings, and more. It will also include some legal matters, like who owns the company, any current or threatened court proceedings, any pension schemes, employment contracts and details. It can also include information on products, customers, competition, market share, research and development, and distribution and competition. An investment firm looking to invest in an up and coming technology company is the subject for this due diligence questionnaire sample. The investment firm has heard about the technology and thinks that it will be the next big thing to hit the market. The questionnaire will help decide how risky an investment it will be.

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