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Employee Attitude Survey
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Companies that want to measure morale and assess how workers view certain aspects of their business often conduct an employee attitude survey. Its goal is to identify hidden problems within a given organization so that they can be addressed before they become larger ones. It can be given whenever there is a noticeable downturn in employee morale, or could be administered at regular intervals in order to stay informed as to changes in employee attitude. An employee attitude survey will include several groups of questions. Each group will deal with a particular aspect of the company’s business so that specific issues can be identified and addressed. It will normally ask workers to rate their level of satisfaction on these various things on a scale of one through five, and may also have space available for individuals to leave comments in. Big Automotive Manufacturing, a factory that produces auto parts opened up just over a year ago, and the management team would like to know how well employees like their job and what their attitude about the company is in general. They want to obtain this information so they can predict future attrition rates.

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