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Employee Benefits Survey
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In order to obtain how well the benefits a company offers compare to similar companies in the same geographical area, some businesses may hire a consulting firm to conduct an employee benefits survey. This survey is given to workers in several local companies, and then results are compiled into a report. An employee benefits survey will begin by asking individuals to choose the benefits they currently have from a list of possible options. After that, there will be a series of short answer questions designed to elicit specific responses about certain benefits. These questions will be used to assess the particulars about these benefits, which is why they may ask for participants to provide some financial information concerning some of them. Big Box Distribution Corp., a retail warehouse that handles large volumes of merchandise for a nationwide retailer is being administered by Pay and Benefits Consulting Firm on behalf of Small Business Material Handling, a company that has operations similar to that of Big Box Distribution Corp. It is being given anonymously so that workers will feel comfortable discussing their benefits.

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