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Employee Communication Survey
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An employee communication survey is given to workers within a given organization who do not have a role in management. Its purpose is two-fold: it will determine how well the management team communicates with the workers under them, while also finding out if those individuals feel they have a voice in matters that concern them. It can be given whenever there have been significant changes to management personnel or the company is taking on a special project that requires good communication among members of various departments. This document typically includes questions that are intended to determine whether the environment in a certain workplace is conducive to good communication. In the employee communication survey, employees will be asked things that will help the management team determine whether they feel comfortable talking about certain issues or believe that their opinions truly matter to those above them. J.D. Advertising has recently been hired to conduct a major advertising campaign on behalf of a prestigious national company, and therefore needs to make sure that the flow of communication within the company is not lacking in any way. Workers are taking this employee communication survey anonymously, as asking them to provide personally identifying information could result in them being less than forthcoming with their answers.

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