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Employee Engagement Survey
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An employee engagement survey is given to workers within an organization in order to determine if they are being as productive as possible in performing their tasks. Since high levels of productivity directly affect a company’s profit margin, managers often want to know whether employees are fully engaged as well as identify distractions that keep them from performing at their peak. An employee engagement survey may seem a little unusual, as it will typically ask questions that requires people to identify how well they fit into an organization socially. Even so, there is a direct correlation between workers who feel appreciated and accepted and their productivity levels. For this reason, questions about an individual’s relationship with members of management will also be asked as well. A major law firm Brown, Smith and Jones LLC, gives this survey to all paralegals and administrative assistants. The senior partners of this firm would like to know whether these employees are putting forth their best effort while at work, as their performance directly affects their ability to adequately represent their clients. The survey will help in determining this information.

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