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Employee Exit Survey
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An employee exit survey is taken by workers who are leaving a particular company as a part of their out-processing procedures. The purpose of the survey is to identify reasons why that person has decided to leave the company, so that issues within the organization can be resolved if needed. This survey will also identify good and bad qualities about a company, and this information can be useful when trying to acquire a replacement. The employee exist survey will ask specific questions about a worker’s experience during the time they were employed. The survey will also attempt to discover the reason or reasons why an individual is leaving the company. It should contain a disclaimer that reassures people that retaliation will not occur should unsatisfactory answers be given on the survey. That way, individuals will feel more comfortable in being honest in providing information. Ms. Davis has been a long-time employee, and has recently given notice that she will be leaving her place of employment. The goal of this survey is to make sure that unsatisfactory conditions did not cause her to leave the company. Since the same questionnaire is given to all employees whenever they voluntarily terminate their employment, some of the questions may not pertain to every person.

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