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Employee Opinion Survey
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When companies want to know what their workers think of them in general, they often conduct an employee opinion survey. It is normally given by upper management to all workers within a particular organization, and may be administered at periodic intervals so that executives can see how opinions have changed over a given period of time. An employee opinion survey should contain short answer questions that will enable corporate executives to find out exactly what people like and don’t like about an organization. It should contain questions on a variety of topics, including working conditions, interaction with supervisors, and pay and benefits. Since it asks for very specific information to be given, individuals should be permitted to take it anonymously, so personally identifiable information should be omitted. This employee opinion survey sample is being administered to employees of Titles Inc., a company that processes vehicle and mobile home titles. The company provides this survey annually to all of its workers so they can detect any problems with employee morale early on and take steps to rectify the situation.

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