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Employee Satisfaction Survey
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An employee satisfaction survey is given by members of a management team to their workers in order to gauge how happy they are in their jobs. This can be done whenever there has been an unusually high turnover rate or the company has experienced significant growth. The goal of the survey is to identify things that could be changed in order to improve the overall retention rate among employees. The employee satisfaction survey will ask workers to rate certain aspects about their job on a scale from one through five, with one being “strongly disagree” and five being “strongly agree.” It will include questions relating to one’s work environment, position, compensation and benefits, and then have a space for comments near the end of it. The survey can be given anonymously so that workers will not feel intimidated about answering questions honestly. In this sample, several new employees have recently been added to the team due to expanded operations, and executives would like to know whether or not these workers are happy in their job so that they can avoid a high turnover rate in the near future.

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