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Employee Self Assessment
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Employee self assessment forms makes it possible for employers to learn how employees view themselves which in turn helps the employer make decisions about promotions and salary increases. Filling out the form can also be an eye-opening experience for some employees. They may learn a great deal about themselves and how they feel about their jobs. After reading an assessment, some employers have learned that the reason an employee didn't perform as well as he or she should stemmed from a failure to receive proper training or instruction. The simplest employee self assessment format is a check list that includes questions that relate directly to the employee's job. The form needs to have space where employees can leave notes about how they feel about themselves and their co-workers. Ideally, employees will realize the areas where they need to make improvements. Employees should be reminded that their managers will be reviewing the assessment form. This employee self assessment sample was filled out by an individual who works on a swine production farm in Idaho. The areas of expertise can be altered to fit any type of job or work environment. After filling out and submitting the form, the employee and the farm manager meet to discuss the employee’s job performance and future at the farm.

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