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Employee Wellness Survey
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The health of a company’s workers is important, as medical issues can cost a business money in a number of ways. These include absenteeism, lowered productivity rates and higher premiums for health insurance. Employee health problems are not always obvious, which is why an employee wellness survey is often given. This survey will determine issues and behavior that could lead to lost profits due to medical problems in the future. An employee wellness survey will contain questions about an individual’s current health. It can also include questions about a person’s health habits, to include diet, exercise, and tobacco use. It should not ask questions dealing with family health history or genetics, as these questions are prohibited unless applying for insurance. The survey should also be given anonymously so as not to violate anyone’s privacy, and survey sheets should also be destroyed once the information has been tabulated. Information about age, race and gender should be provided so that these factors can be taken into account when making a health assessment. This employee wellness survey example is being taken by workers at Little Ones Preschool. The owners of this preschool want to identify issues that could cause employees to miss work so that they can sponsor health improvement programs if needed.

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