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Event Management Proposal
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Event management consists of creating and developing large scale events such as festivals, concerts and conferences. When a company is looking to hire someone to manage an event for them, you will need to create an event management proposal. This document serves as your application for doing business with the company. The event management proposal should include a brief introductory letter, an outline of your plans, and a quote for your services. You should use this document to demonstrate to the company why you would be the best event management team for their particular event. The proposal should be tailored to the company and the event that you are applying to manage. When a non-profit organization wanted to host a 5K to raise funds, they looked to hire out an event management firm to handle the details. This event management proposal was sent in by the eventual handler of the 5K event. It briefly outlines the services they will provide and demonstrates their expertise in handling this event.

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