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Event Planner Contract
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Major events require a professional touch. The presence of an event planner can make a complex situation into something that is easily handled. In order to outline the exact duties and responsibilities of the event planner as well as the compensation that such an individual will receive, most businesses use an event planner contract when hiring the services of such an individual. This contract begins with a description of the services the event planner is expected to provide. The contract then goes on to explain compensation for the event, which is usually a lump sum paid at least five business days in advance of the event. The event planner contract also involves clauses to cover unexpected cancellations, logistical issues that might arise due to the weather or other unforeseen problem, and details on how the agreement can be terminated prior to the event’s occurrence. A standard contract between an independent event planner and somebody who is planning a major event such as a wedding. The terms and conditions of this event planner contract sample are transferable to most other situations with only a few minor changes.

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