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Exit Interview Questionnaire
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When employees leave a company, they can provide valuable insight into ways to help retain employees in the future. Through asking them to fill out an exit interview questionnaire, you can gain information in how the employee felt certain practices and policies worked in your company. It can offer clarity for the various procedures, and any issues can be highlighted. Employees who are leaving often find benefit through the questionnaire as well. The exit interview questionnaire format begins with general questions about the employee, including his or her department and position held. It then will ask questions about whether the job was as described. You can also add questions about the work environment and whether there is room for any improvements. Other beneficial questions could include information about how well various aspects of the job like salary, duties, benefits, supervision, and relationships between colleagues and managers were handled or viewed. After having a high turnover of employees, a customer service call center company decided to implement this exit interview questionnaire sample when an employee left the company. Through looking at why people were leaving, they were able to see what was working in the company and what areas needed improvement. They were able to make some adjustments, leading to a higher retention of employees.

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