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Financial Planning Questionnaire
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When you are looking for help with your finances, a bank or accountant will often ask you to fill out a financial planning questionnaire. This document will help them understand your current finances along with your goals. With this information, they can create a better idea of how you should handle your finances, including any mortgages, loans or other expenses that may be in your future. It will also help them see how to make sure that you can easily accomplish any financial goals, like getting out of debt. The questionnaire will begin with personal information and then continue with finance questions. The financial planning questionnaire format will include various questions with places to answer. There will be information about your financial past, your goals, and your current information. The content might also include questions about your future expenses, assets, liabilities, day-to-day expenses, employment information, salary, and more. A financial planning firm, Money Helpers, used this financial planning questionnaire to help their clients create a long-term financial plan. They have clients that are in financial difficulty and need to get out, and they have clients who just want to make sure they can save for a future expense, like college or a mortgage. For both types of clients, the questionnaire helps the firm learn how to create a personalized budget, plan and investment portfolio for each client based upon their need and situation.

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