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Graphic design can encompass many things: web design, logo creation or even product branding. A graphic design proposal should be used no matter the client or design. Graphic design projects should have specific goals and a proposal can outline timelines and expectations. A proposal can easily be turned into a contract that protects both the client and the designer. This document can be used to land business, or it may be written after discussion with potential clients. A graphic design proposal should be broken down into sections which should include the following: summary, project scope, target audience, objectives, strategies (creative and technical), deliverables, budget, fees and development timelines. It’s a good idea to include contact details, next steps and even an expiration date in the proposal. Some graphic companies like to include design samples, prior clients or case studies that they include with the proposal. Simple Fish Marketing will be designing a logo and branding outline for Happy Cherry Brewing. This graphic design proposal reviews the overall objective, demonstrates an understanding of the company’s target audience, and then lays out its terms and timeline for the project. If Happy Cherry Brewing likes this proposal, it will be turned into a binding contract with firm delivery dates.

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