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Home Safety Assessment
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A home safety assessment is a form used to evaluate living conditions and potential hazards of a private residence. This type of assessment is primarily used to calculate any potentially dangerous hazards, home limitations, or anything that could cause harm to the resident. An assessment of this sort is helpful when moving into a new home or when calculating risks for the elderly with at-home medical care. The home safety assessment format should be straightforward and simple. The content should include a listing of all of the rooms within the residence. Under the name of each room should be a list of all of the built in furnishings, such as windows, doors, shelving units, etc. Depending upon the state in which the home resides, each room will have specific requirements. The content, in accordance with a particular state, should include detailed specifications for every element of the house. These elements include doorways, stairs, stair rails, floors, lighting, etc. The format needs to also include a comments section to reference any sort of extra household component, such as air conditioning. The following home safety assessment sample is for an elderly couple moving into a home in the state of Indiana that they need to assess for the use of medical equipment and other special health needs. The assessment will focus primarily on the fundamental home requirements and measurements of the home for medical equipment.

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