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Home Security Assessment
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A home security assessment accounts for any flaws or points of improvement for the safety of a home. It establishes weaknesses in home security and highlights positive security assets for homeowners. Homeowners who use a security assessment are able to enhance the safety of their home. The home security assessment format should contain portions referring to the exterior, interior, entry points, and windows of a home. The content is sectioned off into various points within a home. The major focus points of the assessment should pertain to the doors, windows, and the perimeter of a home. The content should also concentrate on viewpoints, deadbolts and locks, and any interior security, such as a safe. It should be in the form of a checklist and should cover all of the major and minor security issues within a home. This particular sample is for a homeowner searching to update his security system. The security company completing the assessment is called Homes to Forts, and the individual seeking to update his security is Jeremy Safensound. The sample begins with the exterior of the home and concludes with the interior. Jeremy Safensound lives in a residential neighborhood with a large home and a large backyard. This sample also covers a large safe located within the home as well as a two door garage.

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