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Rental property can be a good source of primary or secondary income, but only if it is properly managed and maintained. Help protect your investment by using a house rental contract to spell out your expectations of the renter in writing. The rental contract may be brief or extensive depending on the number of written understandings between the owner and the renter. Make a list of all the rules you would like the renter to obey concerning the property. Use the house rental contract format to present these rules in a clear and logical order. Be thorough and include items such as insurance, pet policies, damage reporting and cleanliness and maintenance expectations. List any directions for the care of the outside of the home as well, such as frequency of lawn mowing, where to place the trash for pickup and any parking restrictions. This house rental contract sample covers the basic agreements usually entered into by the property owner and the renter. The sample follows a simple, easy to read format. This type of contract is the last step of the property pre-rental phase and is usually preceded by a thorough background check of the renter.

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