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The HR department has many important functions to ensure that your company remains in compliance with all employee laws. The HR manager can use the HR audit questionnaire to prepare for any external audit while also helping to check whether or not there are any problems in the company. It ensures that you can correct any problem areas and illustrates you have performed with good faith in ensuring the company is following all regulations, including legal compliance, record-keeping, compensation and pay equity, employee relations and performance appraisal systems. A similar questionnaire can be used to ensure the human relations department functions as it should. The content of the questionnaire will include a variety of information regarding hiring practices and employment law. The HR audit questionnaire format will begin with general questions about the company, including how the business is run, its profits and losses, and more. Then the questions will focus specifically on the employment practices of the company. They can include descriptions of the human resources policies, employees, recruitment and selection practices, compensation and more. As a large manufacturing company with hundreds of employees, Wallace's Manufacturing and Technology, performs a yearly HR audit to ensure it is up to code with all employment policies. They use this HR audit questionnaire to ensure that all departments are up to code, follow policy and more. They also are able to see how their employees are doing and whether their hiring and selecting practices work well.

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