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Running an information technology assessment makes it possible for business owners to get an accurate impression of their computer systems. When the assessment has been completed, the owner will have accurate knowledge about how effective the current system is. Running the assessment every two years makes it possible to stay ahead of the competition. The information technology assessment format is complex. In addition to recording each of the pieces of technology the business owns, the age of the piece of equipment as well as the condition of the equipment has to be recorded. Reading through the assessment helps the business owner decide what equipment needs to be replaced and what equipment has a usable lifespan remaining. Some companies like to include a detailed report on how each item runs in the assessment. This information technology sample shows how detailed the process really is. This particular assessment was for a Michigan Apple Farm. The type of equipment and the programs used can be switched to reflect the technology used by any type of business or non-profit organization. In addition to inventorying the technology and equipment the company uses, the assessment also provides answers to specific questions including data storage, protection, and how well employees understand how to use the technology.

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