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Often, when it comes to an office space, most companies would rather focus on running their businesses than worrying about how their offices look. However, the message an office sends to potential clients is very important, and that’s where interior design comes in. An interior design proposal will present a design concept for a specific space and then list all the details needed to achieve the effect. An interior design proposal should have an overall concept statement, much like a business objective or project scope. This statement will pull together everything else in the proposal and should convey the vision for the space. Following this should be supporting sections such as an in-depth look at the specific services offered by the interior designer. Fees and payment structures need to be provided. The document must address any client requests and clarify any responsibilities the client has in the process. Finally, it should be concluded with important next steps and contact information. An interior design company, Green Scarf Design, will be redesigning PixelPush’s office space. The document discusses the trendy concept. The background portion shows the interior designer understands the vision the business has for its office, and then it covers the services of designing, sourcing and supplying. Finally, a payment structure is laid out. This interior design proposal sample ends with a follow-up request and deadline.

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