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When an interior designer first starts working with a new client, having an interior design questionnaire ensures that he or she knows exactly what the client has in mind. A questionnaire can be given to your client to fill out at his or her leisure at home in order to provide the time to properly answer the questions. Through having an idea of both the current theme and design of your client’s house and the goals in mind will help you create the new vision for the design of your client’s home. The content of your questionnaire should include questions about both the personality of your client and the function of the room. The interior design questionnaire format will begin with personal questions about the client so that you can get an idea of his or her personality, including likes and dislikes. Then, you should ask about the function of the room or rooms you are working on. You should also ask about the architectural style of the home and the décor of any other rooms. Finally, you can ask about what they imagine the look of the room to be. Donna runs a premier interior design company in Miami, Florida, called Donna's Designs. She uses this interior design questionnaire for all her clients, new and returning, before starting on any project. It provides her with the details she needs to create the perfect look for her client's home.

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