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An internship is a great way to earn experience and get some important career skills. This is usually an unpaid or low-paid position that an employer offers as a way of providing training to a college student or recent graduate. The internship contract spells out the terms of the internship, including the expected start and stop times as well as all potential liability issues that the employer might face. The format for this contract outlines the specific type of internship, especially whether it is paid or unpaid. If it is paid, the contract should contain the amount of compensation. Some internships have college credit attached to them. Because of this, the internship contract usually includes a space for credit allotted for completing the internship, if any. Finally, any special assignments or responsibilities that the student will be called upon to complete are included. This makes sure that there is no confusion about the terms of completion of the internship. This internship contract sample details the terms and conditions of an unpaid internship and offers one academic credit for every 45 hours worked and runs for a period of three months. Assuming a minimum of 20 hours per week, the employee will earn a total of five academic credits over the course of the internship.

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