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An investment contract is used to set the terms between a company and an investor for the sale of stock for monetary compensation. This ensures that both parties fully understand the investment process. This contract is best used as a way of mediating the sale of stock so that both the company and the investor have a clear agreement about what the stock is being sold for. The investment contract should include a specification of the parties whom the agreement is between and what the investment goals are. Any representatives for either the company or the investor should be identified in the contract, and predetermined expenses should be outlined. Most companies also include a limitation of liability and a privacy agreement in the contract to make sure that financial information is not disclosed to a third party. This investment contract sample is something that is usually drawn up by the business or legal team at the company whose stock is being purchased. The contract is then signed and witnessed by a representative of the company as well as the shareholder(s) who are making the investment.

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