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Jobs and positions change and evolve over time. In order for HR departments or managers to figure out the exact description of a job, they need to ask the employee about their daily job and duties. A job analysis questionnaire makes it easy to collect the necessary information about a position in its most current incarnation. It should be an overview of all duties, responsibilities and any other pertinent information regarding the particular position. It can be used just to update the information for the HR department, to help assess whether an employee should get a raise, or to help write the job description for finding a new employee. This document is not about evaluating performance of an employee; instead, the job analysis questionnaire format should focus on the actual details of the job itself. It should include a detailed breakdown of the various duties and responsibilities, including how much time is spent on each aspect. It will also ask questions about what resources are necessary for the job, and what skills are needed. Beauty Bunnies was a small business selling the best beauty products online. As it grew, many of the positions changed over time. After they had been in business for awhile, they used this job analysis questionnaire to reevaluate the positions in the company to see what everyone was actually doing. It helped to structure the company better and ensured that everyone was properly compensated.

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